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Will an Automatic Car Wash Damage Your Car’s Finish?

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Automated car washes are convenient and affordable, so most people gravitate towards this option when washing their car. The reality, however, is that an automatic car wash can damage your car's finish over time, so you need to be mindful of this aspect.

The brushes used by automatic washes are not always properly maintained so that they can make deep micro-scratches on your car's surface, and these marks can appear after just one visit. Repeated washes will cause damage to build, the paint will eventually become dull, and the scratches will be visible. Additionally, automatic car washes can also damage your car engine. You should not leave your engine running because the cold water hitting the hot engine can result in the cracking of the block, radiator and head. This is especially true if the cold water gets into the electrical components while they are active.

Car Paint Correction

For these reasons, a good old hand cleaning is always recommended, even if this method requires more time and energy, as it is better for your car's finish. While it can be hard to ignore the convenience and simplicity of an automatic car wash, hand cleaning will protect your car's finish because it is safer and is also effective in removing dirt from your car. A clean, soft cloth and high-quality cleaning products will help prevent damages you may experience at a car wash.

Ceramic Coating

Applying a ceramic coating is also very effective if you want to keep your car clean for longer. This will help prevent dirt and grime from sticking to your paintwork, and such products generally have hydrophobic properties, which will help encapsulate and rinse off dirt whenever it rains. Ceramic protection products will provide you with longevity and shine. Your vehicle will always look as though it just came back from a professional detailing, especially if professionals apply the ceramic coating—it's an option worth considering.

Hand washing your car, using the right products and applying ceramic coating are great alternatives to an automatic car wash. These methods will prevent damage that an automatic car wash can cause while keeping your car clean so that you will be happy with the condition of your car and its finish.

Car Detailing Hamilton, Burlington and Stoney Creek

The next time your car gets dirty, consider other options instead of rushing to an automatic car wash because you may be happier with the results.

If you require ceramic coating or car detailing services, the experts at Microshield Auto Care can help. We also specialize in paint correction so if you are in the Hamilton, Stoney Creek or Burlington areas, contact us today to hear more about our services.

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