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Steps to Maintain Ceramic Coating

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

A ceramic coating will protect the factory paintwork on your vehicle. Not only will this maintain the paint's shine, but a ceramic coating will also repel liquids and shield the paint against damaging contaminants.

A ceramic coating is an excellent investment, although maintenance is required, and the following guide will outline all of the steps you need to take for your automobile to enjoy the benefits ceramic coating provides:

1. Allow it to cure.

Ceramic coatings will take a while to cure, so you cannot wash your car for seven days after its application. This time frame will allow the ceramic coating to cure properly, so your investment will not go to waste.

2. Wash your car.

A ceramic coating will not make your car dirt or contaminant proof, so regular washes will still be required.

  • It is recommended that you wash your car every one to two weeks as dirt, pebbles, and other small materials can become embedded into the ceramic coating. These materials can chip away the ceramic coating but washing your vehicle every two weeks will prevent this from happening.

  • Do not wash your automobile in direct sunlight, as streaks and water spots can form. Wash your car under a shade or in your garage to achieve a spot-free surface. Additionally, direct sunlight will create heat which can crack your ceramic coating over time.

  • Use the right car wash products and invest in automobile-specific car soaps and shampoos as these do not contain corrosive ingredients. They are pH neutral, so they will not damage your coating, and they are also wax-free, so you will have an easier time cleaning your car. Use different buckets and mitts to clean your wheels and wash your vehicle from top to down, one section at a time. Do not air-dry your car because this will leave water spots.

3. Remove any contaminants from your coated paint right away

Bird droppings, bug splatters and tree sap can all degrade your ceramic coating because they are acidic so remove them from your ceramic coated paint immediately by blotting as wiping will spread the contaminants around.

4. Do not go to an automated car wash

Brushes are used in automatic car washes to clean your car, and these can damage your ceramic coating. If you need to go to a car wash, you need to find one that is touchless.

5. Take your car for annual maintenance checkups

It is recommended that you check in with the detailer who coated your car once a year so that they can rejuvenate your ceramic coating if necessary. This will help restore your car’s shine.

Ceramic Coating Hamilton, Burlington and Stoney Creek

A lack of proper maintenance will result in the loss of shine, damaged and worn-out paintwork and reduced hydrophobicity.

Here at Microshield Auto Care, we specialize in car detailing, car paint correction and ceramic coating. If you are in the Hamilton, Stoney Creek or Burlington areas, contact us today to learn more about our services!

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